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Our promise to our esteemed customers

At Sliding Glass Door Repair Guys, you can count on us to deliver what we promise. We will change your home into that haven that you have always longed for. A home is ones personal sanctuary, a grotto that holds the highest of reverence, so one cannot take lightly the feel and look of this inner sanctum, a provider of privacy and the very embodiment of peace and tranquility thus chaos will most often likely be caused if this balance is in any way disturbed. We at Sliding Glass Door Repair Guys have come a long way to promise that your home is our home, and we will personally handle all matters decorative glass products, with you as the basis and inspiration of every master plan we conjure.


Experienced staff

No matter what you want, you can be assured that Sliding Glass Door Repair Guys will handle it. We have staff who are trained to handle any kind of project. The world we live in is in a constant rat race to keep up with technology, innovations and day-to-day trends. The roller coaster of events happens at break neck speed which in turn has birthed the need to upgrade and not just to upgrade but to upgrade with the best that the market has offer. We at Sliding Glass Door Repair Guys have worked hard to place ourselves right at the top of the market chain to emerge as a global leader in sliding glass door repairs. We have succeeded where others have failed to bring you our client close to satisfaction if not to satisfaction itself. Your home is our specialty.


We value our customers

We understand that it is our customers who have kept us in business. That is why we ensure that all our customers are satisfied. Every space in the home has become of utmost importance unlike in the days of old where some rooms accorded little if no attention at all. The bathroom is one of this rooms where we have seen trends emerge of this space given more recognition in matters aesthetic modernization of this space is on the increase with glass sliding doors fitted to give it a modern and contemporary look, utilizing the use of frameless two-way fold doors to block water spillage. The inside fitted with glass with translucent screens to accentuate the feel of a cozy escapade.

For these and any other such services, please contact Sliding Glass Door Repair Guys on 888-336-6488.

We have got you covered;

We at Sliding Glass Door Repair Guys have strived to deliver to you top notch glass products with speed, because time is money and tardiness is not one of our traits. Our staff trained and geared towards our clients getting exactly what they order for if not much better. Our glass products have evolved from the normal glass to fiberglass.

The modernization of every space;

Patios not left behind with some given a full glass makeover with huge glass sliding doors. Closets have also become trendy with closet transforming from the contemporary, normal wooden closets into huge walk in rooms fully fitted with sliding glass doors. We have also seen special glass originally used in huge cathedrals now made to fit in homes and offer timeless warmth e.g. leaded glass.

At Sliding Glass Door Repair Guys we aspire to place you our client right at the helm of the technological advancement to make sure nothing spared in terms of comfort. Contact us on 888-336-6488 and let us travel together on this epic journey called life and you will surely enjoy it, because our effort to stay at the top will translate in you being at the top too. Our products as I had mentioned earlier have evolved into much more economical, easy to fit, wont crease or come off along the edges.

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